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The amazing Sail and Stay experience

If you like exploring, but also wish to relax and take in the many beauties of this romantic island our Sail and Stay holiday package is just what you’re looking for. It combines the opportunity to sail around nearby Cyclades islands, to destinations you choose, as well as to enjoy the warm hospitality and refined luxury of the Honeymoon Petra Villas.

Visit inaccessible caves and coves, explore the hidden treasures of nearby islands on a three day sailing trip. When you get back, a majestic view of Santorini will be what you wake up to as you enjoy the rest of week at Honeymoon Petra Villas, one of the most amazing hotels on Santorini.

The Sail and Stay holiday is a true stress therapy and combines the best of both worlds...
What are you waiting for?

7-Day Luxury Sail & Stay Holiday Package 6 Greek Islands


    April 15 - October 30
    A week-long adventure
    Every day of the week
    Up to 6 passengers
    At the Port or your Santorini Hotel
    FREE Pick up & Drop off by shuttle bus at your Santorini Hotel


  1. The view of Santorini’s Caldera from sea level, with its villages on the top of the cliffs, resembling snowcapped peaks.
  2. All the little coves and bays you can’t reach from land
  3. The taste of the organic salads and fruit that grow in our own farms
  4. The luxurious services of the Santa Maria
  5. The stories and local traditions you will be told by the Captain who is local, and also, the owner of the Yacht!
  6. Stay in an architecturally unique establishment, unlike any other seen in Santorini.
  7. Enjoying the most amazing sunset in the world from the biggest pool on the Caldera, in Honeymoon Petra Villas.
  8. Our friendly staff, ready to cater for your every need in both the Sailing Center and the Honeymoon Petra Villas


The "Sail & Stay" package is a fixed one week private holiday package for 2-6 persons. It includes 3 or 4 nights on our S/Y "Santa Maria" and the remaining nights in our 5 star Hotel, "Honeymoon Petra Villas", in a ‘Superior Petra Studio’ room.
After we pick you up from the airport in Santorini, you will spend your first night at the Hotel, where you can rest and enjoy the most amazing sunset on the island from the Honeymoon Petra Villas pool.
You will also meet with the Captain to discuss the details of the next day’s sailing trip. Captain Yiannis knows the waters in this area better than anyone. He can suggest where you can dock to spend the night and help you choose local taverns for your dinner on the various different islands you dock at. Everyone who has enjoyed the "Sail & Stay" package are talking about the experience of a lifetime!
The exact itinerary is up to you to discuss with the captain. Once you cruise through the famous Caldera of Santorini, there are so many islands that await for you to pay them a visit. Ios with its white sandy beaches, Iraklia, a fishermen’s island with a sunken plane in its waters, the islands of Donoussa and Shinoussa and the small islands of Pano and Kato Koufonisi, with amazing caves and beaches. The tiny island of Anydros will be your last stop before you return to Santorini, feeling like "Robinson Crusoe!"
For the rest of your time on Santorini you will stay at the deluxe Honeymoon Petra Villas Hotel located on the best spot of the island’s impressive cliffs. Relax next to the pool (the largest one on the cliff) and enjoy the unforgettable panoramic view. We guarantee that this week will be the best stress therapy you have ever had.


On the Yacht

  1. Tranfers to and from the yacht
  2. Captain & crew
  3. Port Authority expenses
  4. Full insurance
    No Security Deposit required for chartering our yachts
  5. Breakfast
  6. Light lunch
  7. Snacks and fruit
  8. Water, soft drinks, wine, beer
  9. Snorkeling equipment
  10. Fuel

At the Hotel

  1. Transfers from and to the airport
  2. Accommodation in a Superior Petra
  3. Breakfast
  4. Free WiFi


On the Yacht

  • Off board meals
  • Off board activities
  • Tips

At the Hotel

  • Lunch, Dinner



  1. Ios Island
  2. Iraklia Island
  3. Shinousa Island
  4. Donoussa Island
  5. Kato Koufonisi Island
  6. Pano Koufonisi Island
  7. Keros Island
  8. Anydros Island


  1. Don’t forget to bring your suntan lotion and a hat
  2. Be sure to bring a camera. The crew will take care of your belongings while you swim
  3. Pack light for the sailing trip and use soft bags, as heavy wheeled luggage is not allowed on board. We will store the rest of your luggage at the Hotel while you enjoy your sailing cruise.
  4. Inform us in advance of any dietary preferences or allergies.
  5. If you are taking the cruise in April-May or late September-October carry a jacket and some sweaters with you in case it gets cold.


“Book something AMAZING for the spring/summer: Sail and Stay with Santorini Sailing Centre and Honeymoon Petra Villas”

Reviewed December 7, 2014

This review doesn’t focus on the hotel, but let me just say this: all the 5 star reviews you’ve read about Honeymoon Petra are true: impeccable and friendly service, a truly mind blowing view of the Caldera (don’t even bother journeying to Oia for the sunset – at Honeymoon Petra you can sit tranquilly away from the heaving crowds, sipping...

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