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Cruise Plus Quality Guarantee


The Cruise Plus Quality Guarantee is our quality standard of service, that ensures you will have memorable cruise experiences worth sharing with all your friends and family

Our Satisfaction Guarantee Standards
  • Commitment to never exceed our capacity quality limit for the maximum number of people we allow on our boats on our yachts per cruise
    • 14 passengers on board our Catamaran Semi Private Cruises on the S/Y Carpe Diem and the S/Y Margarita
  • We guarantee that for all Private Charters of our Yachts, we will strictly follow all Maritime Law specifications regarding the maximum number of persons allowed on board and the implementation of required safety measures
  • High quality services that attend to all your needs before, during or after your cruise experience.
  • Highly experienced captains and crew that guarantee your safety and pleasure on board our yachts, always happy to assist you with anything you need.
  • We provide you with all the comfort and services available for you to enjoy the magic of the Aegean sea
  • Your experience depending on the cruise is guaranteed to be enhanced with the deep knowledge of:
    • Local history and culture
    • Traditional cuisine and authentic flavors
    • Visits to magnificent unspoilt sights, such as private beaches, caves, hot springs etc.
    • Visits to popular attractions as well as "unknown" sights viewed by only a very special few
    • Visits to sights of historical importance, such as ancient temples, theatres, museums etc.
  • Use of fresh ingredients only, for all meals served on board
  • Offer of only high quality, soft drinks and beers